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Let the computer system Errors

Many users of Windows XP, when the operating system crashes or some inexplicable errors occur, they are usually in the spirit of improving the system, or reinstall your operating system. However, these methods have shortcomings. The system, reinstall the original system settings and software, installed again and gone, to be very annoying. In fact, any system failure Fix certain technique. Repair function of Windows XP is very powerful, which is to improve and update the system file errors. In addition, the original system and programs do not change. Let's start with the system fails to start.

When Windows does not boot in Safe Mode or other startup options, you can try the following two methods.

A.  Use “Last Known Good Configuration”

In the start menu of Windows XP, you can select “Last Known Good Configuration” to restore the registry.

1)      When restarting the computer, press “F8” until the Windows Advanced Boot Options Menu appears.

2)      Select “Last Known Good Configuration”, and press “Enter”

When the computer starts in “Last Known Good Configuration”, Windows only restores the registry “HKLMSystemCurrentControlSet”. Any changes made to other registries will remain and will not be restored.

B. Use Recovery Console

When the computer cannot start, you can also run the Recovery Console from Windows XP installation CD to repair the error.

1)      Insert the installation CD and restart the computer from CD-ROM.

2)      Press “R” to select the repair option.

3)      When the prompt appears, input the local Administrator account and password. In most cases, you need the inbuilt account and password to use Recovery Console. The account and password is blank by default.

4)      In the system prompt, input “Fixboot” command and press “Enter”. Then the system will write in system partition a new partition boot sector, thus to repair the system error.

5)      Input “Exit” command and press “Enter” to exit the Recovery Console. Restart the computer.


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